Rako Sleep Systems BVBA is specialized in producing and assembling slatted bed bases. 

Founded in the late 1980’s by a family with generations of furniture-making tradition as well as strong architectural design background, Rako Sleep Systems evolved rapidly to a reputable reference in its business sector. 

With years of concentrated efforts and state-of-the-art capacity in R&D, Rako Sleep Systems has now established a well-known industrial address in the bed base manufacturing business in Belgium and the surrounding countries including Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and France. The business boundary is still extending at a significant speed, with solid business connections in China, Singapore and Japan.

Twenty years later and after 3 relocations, Rako Sleep Systems has accomplished to become well-known in the world of manufacturers of slatted bed bases. 

The actual site in Wellen (province of Limburg) is in use since the summer of 2007. On a territory of 6,5 hectare, the plant houses a production building annex offices of 10.000 m² and a warehouse of 4.000 m². 

In the future, Rako Sleep Systems seeks to widen his markets and horizons.  At this moment the distribution is orientated not only in Belgium, France and Germany, but also China. 




_1988: Foundation of Rako in Diepenbeek, 400 m² 

_1990: Rako moved to Stevoort 800 m² 

_1999: Rako relocated to new buildings in Alken 3.800 m² 

_2007: Rako is full operational in Wellen 14.000 m²


The current manufacturing headquarters of Rako Sleep Systems are located in Wellen, Belgium. It covers an industrial terrain 

of 65,000 square meters. The manufacturing plant is composed of several highly-automatic production lines and segmented 

warehouses dedicated to different purposes. 


Mission Statement 

“We secure the joint success with our B2B customers by delivering our passion for beds with state-of-the-arts quality products. ” 


Vision: “People, planet, profit” 

Rako Sleep Systems is committed to a wholistic vision of benefiting people & our planet while maintaining profit- this is integral 

to our vision for corporate social responsibility (CSR).